5 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee

Nicole Fallon

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Go ahead -- drink that cup of joe. There are more health benefits of coffee than you might think! Here are some good reasons to order coffee with your cookie cups.

What Can These 5 Teas Do for You?

Nicole Fallon

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Did you know The Cookie Cups offers five delicious flavors of tea? Here are some great reasons to stop by and get a cup.

Not a Morning Person? 6 Good Reasons to Eat Breakfast for Dinner

Nicole Fallon

Tags breakfast, brunch, catering, cooking, food, health benefits

Who says eggs and bacon are just for the morning? We’ve got six great reasons to enjoy breakfast for dinner.

The Real Deal With Chocolate (and Why It's a Good Thing)

Nicole Fallon

Tags chocolate, cookie cups, desserts, food, health benefits

Yes, there really are proven health benefits of chocolate! Here are some good reasons to indulge that craving.