What does the pizza making kit include?

The 12-piece set includes a kid’s mini apron, measuring cup, stainless steel baking pan, spatula, kid friendly pizza cutter, and a mini rolling pin. The ingredients included are pizza flour, 4 oz. gourmet pizza Sauce, 1 parmesan packet, 1 garlic packet, 1 Italian spice packet, 1 turkey pepperoni stick. All our delicious ingredients are high quality and made in the USA.

What does the unicorn cookie cup baking kit include?

Includes kids mini apron, measuring cup, silicone baking pan, kids scooper, mini cupcake liners, unicorn mold, unicorn children’s plate, whisk, and the delicious fresh ingredients: flour, sugar, sweet Belgian chocolate chunks, white chocolate, pink sprinkle mix, pink powder, marshmallows, and vanilla frosting. All our delicious ingredients are high quality and made in the USA.

Can kids do this on their own?

Depends on the kid- we would recommend parent involvement or older sibling involvement when using any oven.

Are the kits Gluten Free?

Not at the moment. We may be able to accomodate special requests through our website.

What is the pink powder made of?

All natural and gluten free dragonfruit.

What size are the aprons?

One size fits all- kid size. (up to 12 or so.)

Can more than one kid participate in a kit?

Yes! The pizza making kit makes a 12'' pizza and the unicorn cookie cup baking kit makes 2 dozen mini sized cookie cups.

Are the products reusable?

The supplies are reusable, the ingredients are enough for a one time use.

What material is the unicorn plate?

It's a fancy paper plate.

Any other questions?

Please contact us via email or phone by using.