Our Story

The Cookie Cups was really just a genius mistake that started because our Creator, Nicole Pomije wanted to make chocolate chip cookies without the right oven pan. She did happen to have a mini cupcake pan- and decided to put the cookie dough in that way and see what happens!
Out came The Cookie Cups, our version of the cookie, reinvented!
We began creating several flavors in our test kitchen including our favorite, White Chocolate Caramel and some of the first debut flavors you will see in our products section.
After a few years selling cookies locally in the Twin Cities Area at Farmers Market's and festival events she decided to open up shop in an unlikely location Pomije found in Navarre.
We've expanded the concept and flavor palette to include Savory "Cups" like our signature Mac & Cheese, Meat & Potato, Taco Cups and more. We brew local coffee, tea and hot chocolate. We are a full service caterer and we offer cooking classes in our location(s).
Due to Covid-19, we have had to change our plan and recently launched our first line of at-home baking kits that ship nationwide. We have a Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit and a Pizza Making Kit available now on our website, on Amazon Prime and Etsy.