Not a Morning Person? 6 Good Reasons to Eat Breakfast for Dinner

Nicole Fallon

Breakfast frittatas from The Cookie Cups

Try one of our delicious Frittata cups! (Image credit: Hannah Andersen Photo)

At The Cookie Cups, we’re big fans of breakfast food. In fact, we have a whole line-up of breakfast and brunch-inspired menu items, like our Sunrise cups, frittatas, cinnamon rolls and mini pancakes. But these tasty treats aren’t just for the morning; you can (and should) enjoy breakfast foods any time of day.

Maybe you don’t need to be convinced that breakfast for dinner is the way to go, but in case you’re new to the “brinner” game, there are tons of good reasons to whip up omelets or pancakes for your next evening meal. Trust us -- your health, your wallet, your tastebuds, and your family will thank you!

1. It’s Healthier (Sometimes)

So maybe you can’t load up on French toast and croissants and call it healthy. However, eggs -- a go-to breakfast staple in many households -- pack a lot of nutritional value in a tiny package. One whole egg has just 75 calories, but gives you 7 grams of high-quality protein. It also contains iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Combine it with nutritious veggies like spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and avocado for a healthy breakfast-for-dinner you can feel good about.

2. Breakfast Ingredients Are More Affordable

Think about what you might spend at the grocery store to prepare a traditional dinner like pork tenderloin or prime rib, with all the fixings and side dishes. For the cost of the meat alone, you might be able to buy a dozen eggs, a box of pancake mix, and even some fruit to go with it. Even if you typically cook with less expensive proteins like chicken, the average cost per serving of breakfast dishes almost always works out to be less.

3. Breakfast Foods Are Quicker and Easier to Prepare

A dinner recipe that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less is typically considered “quick.” Know what’s even faster? Breakfast recipes. Whether you scramble, fry, or poach your eggs, they can go from fridge to table in under 15 minutes. Pancakes and waffles only take a few minutes per batch to cook, and bacon, breakfast sausage, and hash browns don’t take much longer than that. Plus, if you have a big griddle pan, you can cook them all at the same time. How’s that for a fast weeknight dinner?

4. You Probably Already Have All the Ingredients You Need

If your fridge is looking a little bare, cooking breakfast for dinner means you likely won’t have to make a special trip to the store. Eggs, milk, bread, flour, and butter are staples that most people have in the fridge or pantry at all times. When you combine these ingredients with the fruits, veggies, or meats you have on hand, you can almost always find a way to turn it into a breakfast dish.

5. It’s Easy to Customize Breakfast Dishes

Got picky eaters at home? Can’t decide between sweet or savory? Because breakfast foods are so quick and easy to cook, it’s easy to make a few different variations on your main dish so that everyone gets what they love. With a huge variety of omelet fillings, pancake mix-ins, and toast toppings to choose from, you can serve up a made-to-order breakfast bar for the family with very little extra effort.

If you’re having a crowd over for breakfast (or breakfast for dinner), make it even easier on yourself by getting your party catered. You can give us a call, place a pick-up order online, or stop by The Cookie Cups store to get your breakfast-for-dinner fix.

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