In the Kitchen with The Cookie Cups Bakers

Nicole Fallon

At The Cookie Cups, we’ve always got something in the oven. But our delicious sweet and savory cups don’t bake themselves -- we have an amazing team of Cookie Cups bakers who help us create tasty treats for our customers.

Our bakers spend their days in the Cookie Cups kitchen, whipping up our classic flavors and experimenting with new ones. You’ll also find them behind the counter, serving our customers with a smile.

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite Cookie Cups get made, we chatted with two of our Wayzata store bakers, Maya and Ella, to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our store.

A typical day at The Cookie Cups

As you might imagine, a typical shift as a Cookie Cups baker involves baking -- and lots of it! Maya and Ella spend most of their time measuring and mixing ingredients for each of our menu items. It’s not always cookie dough they’re making, either.

“The Cookie Cups is not just cookies,” says Maya. “We make a bunch of savory options, like Mac & Cheese and Taco Cups.”

Once the mix is prepared, they scoop it out into our signature mini cupcake pans and pop it in the oven. While they’re waiting for a batch to bake, they’ll clean up in the kitchen or head out to the cafe to help customers. When we host birthday parties at The Cookie Cups, you’ll find our bakers interacting with the party guests, helping kids with their Pizza Making or Cookie Baking and Decorating.

While many of our cups are sold directly to customers in the store, Maya and Ella are also responsible for preparing online orders for pickup, as well as larger private event and corporate catering orders. Sometimes, they’ll prepare hundreds of sweet and savory cups for a single event!

Best job perk ever? Tasting Cookie Cups!

Like all of our bakers, Ella loves the yummy treats she gets to concoct in our kitchen.

“I think customers would be interested in knowing the vast variety of food we are able to make in the shape of a cupcake, from cookies to Mac & Cheese,” she says.

Of course, one of the perks of being a baker is getting to taste your creations! Everybody here has a favorite flavor, and their choices are as unique as they are. Ella loves our original Chocolate Chip cup (“Classic, but amazing with the high quality chocolates we use!”), while Maya prefers the Apple Pie, which we make with fresh apples and cinnamon (“Tastes just like fall!”).

Why we love working here

For any food lover or baking aficionado, working at The Cookie Cups might sound like a dream job. But our team members also love what they do because they get to interact with our local community and bring them joy through the art of baking. For example, Maya says her favorite part about working here is running the birthday parties.

“It is so fun to help the kids learn how to bake and hear all of their funny comments!” she says.

Best of all, working at The Cookie Cups feels like being part of a family, and that’s because it is one! We are proud to be a family business, owned and operated by husband-and-wife team David (our bakery analyst) and Nicole Pomije (The Cookie Cups creator). 

Whether they’re in the kitchen, behind the counter or celebrating birthdays at the store, the Pomijes are an essential part of The Cookie Cups and work side-by-side with the whole team to keep us growing and thriving.

the pomije family - the cookie cups

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Want to join our team?

We are always looking for motivated, friendly people to join us in the Cookie Cups kitchen. In fact, we’re actively looking to hire a part-time morning shift baker at our Wayzata or Chanhassen location. For more details, check out our Facebook job posting or email telling us why you’re the next Cookie Cups baker.

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