Behind the Scenes: Our Product Development Process


If you follow our blog, Cookie Cup Corner, you may have seen last week’s sneak peek of our soon-to-launch Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kits. These all-in-one kits, which will be available to ship nationwide, contain everything your child needs to bake, decorate, and serve a batch of delicious unicorn-themed Cookie Cups at home.

The idea came to us while our bakeries were closed during Minnesota’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order. But to make that idea a reality, we had to think about a new product that would be able to ship and bring kids “The Cookie Cups Experience” right at home.

It took months of research, planning, and designing, but our kits are almost at the finish line. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to bring our Cookie Cup Baking Kits to life.

Step 1: Developing our concept

The idea behind our baking kits was to serve as an extension of our retail locations. Since we have been unable to continue our usual cooking classes and birthday parties during COVID-19, we wanted to give people something they could bring home and still get a little bit of the experience we offer here. 

That’s why we opted to create a full kit with everything you’d get at a Cookie Cups class or party. In each box, you’ll find pre-measured dry ingredients, mixing and baking equipment, apron, and serving plate, and easy-to-follow instructions for all home bakers age 3 and up. All your little chef needs is a workspace, an oven, and a trusted adult to help!

Step 2: Designing the product and packaging

The Cookie Cups team worked really hard on our box design. We needed to make it functional and practical -- it had to be the right size to fit all the products in our 17-piece kit, but also look fun and exciting for the home bakers who receive it. 

When you open the box, you’ll find instructions printed on the inside of the box lid. This was a practical decision that allowed us to make things easier for our customers (you don’t need to worry about ruining or losing a paper instruction sheet!) while saving on the cost and environmental waste of separate printed instructions. 

Step 3: Sourcing suppliers

Once we had our concept and design for the kit, it was time to find suppliers who could provide all the different pieces we needed to assemble them. For instance, all the “hardware” in our kits needed to be safe and functional for both kids and parents. Each item in our kits was carefully chosen to ensure ease-of-use and an enjoyable experience for our customers. We’ve been thrilled with the vendors we’ve found to help bring our kits to life.


In the process of sourcing suppliers, we’ve made a lot of new connections that will benefit us as a business in the future. We’re all getting excited as pieces of our kits start to arrive at The Cookie Cups!

We can’t wait to begin assembling and shipping our very first boxes in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can pre-order your own Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit. Keep following our social media channels and our newsletter for official shipping updates, and for updates on our upcoming Pizza Making Kits!

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