Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit

$ 49.99

Our Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit is the full at-home baking experience. Kids 3 and up will be able to bake 24 mini size cookie cups. 

Open your kit, put on your new apron and get to work! Once you complete the instructions, you will have about 24 mini size cookie cups! Serve your guests on your new unicorn plate al ong with your favorite beverage. 

17 piece kit includes: 

1 Apron, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Silicone Baking Pan, 1 Mini Scoop, 24 Mini Cupcake Liners, 1 Unicorn Horn Mold, 1 Unicorn Plate, 1 Whisk, Flour, Sugar, Sweet Belgian Chocolate Chunks, White Chocolate, Pink Sprinkle Mix, Pink Powder, Marshmallows, Vanilla Frosting.

Kits are available now and can ship nationwide. 

*Will ship within 48 hours of purchase!


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