7 Holiday Activities to Do With Your Family Over Zoom

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Like Thanksgiving, the 2020 holiday season will look different for most families due to the pandemic. But just because you can't host your usual family gathering doesn't mean you can’t celebrate the season together. 

Hop on a video chat platform like Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Meet and try some of these virtual holiday activities with your loved ones. 

1. Holiday trivia night

Get your family together to play a special round of virtual holiday trivia. Find festive questions online about how different cultures spend the holidays or seasonal pop culture.. Or, to give the game a personal touch,  use questions about your past family holidays to spark memories and share laughs. 

2. Virtual baking party

It just doesn't feel like the holiday season if cookies aren’t involved! Host your own family virtual baking party with our Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kits. Our kits include everything you need to bake and decorate a batch of 24 bite-sized Cookie Cups, including dry ingredients, an apron, measuring cup, baking sheet, and unicorn-themed serving plate. If savory treats are more your speed, our Pizza Making Kit offers everything you need for one delicious 12” pie. Order and ship one to each household for a fun family cooking experience.

3. Charades

Charades is a classic holiday game that translates seamlessly over video conferencing. Have one person moderate the game and come up with a list of words for the other participants to act out. The moderator can share these phrases with participants through the chat feature or text message, and  the other guests can try to guess what that phrase is as quickly as possible. 

4. Holiday scavenger hunt

Create a holiday scavenger hunt where participants find specific items in their house to show the group, and whoever brings all their items back first is the winner. The list of items doesn't have to be extravagant and could be as simple as “favorite ornament” or “decoration with a snowman on it.” For added conversation, have everyone talk about their specific items and share any stories or memories behind them.

5. Holiday movie streaming party

Does your family gather around each holiday season to watch one specific movie? While you may not all be able to get together in person this year, you can still experience the laughs and joy of those films virtually. With platforms like Teleparty, you can log on together and sync up your Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ stream so the whole family can watch the classics and chat with each other.

6. Themed crafts

Have your family jump on a video call to make the same craft together. Before your video call, send out a list of art supplies so everyone is prepared, then make your delightful decorations while video chatting. You can go all out and make a gingerbread house, or if there are small children or people with limited access to art supplies, work on simple holiday coloring pages. At the end of the call, share your creations with one another for a wholesome experience.

7. Reminiscing about holiday memories

You don't have to organize a game or activity to spend meaningful time with your loved ones. Instead, write out a list of topics and personal questions to ask your family over your holiday video chat. Learn about your family members’ most memorable holiday gifts, songs, and traditions growing up. You'll get to know your family on another level and get a sense of what makes the holiday special to them.

Want to send treats to your local family members for your virtual holiday gathering? There’s still time to order Holiday Party Packs and catering from The Cookie Cups! Get in touch to place your delivery or pickup order.

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