What to Expect at Your First Cookie Cups Cooking Class

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The Cookie Cups is more than just a local bakery and café. We're also the go-to destination in Wayzata (and soon, Chanhassen!) for learning how to cook and bake delicious bite-sized treats.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, having a girls' night out, or just looking for a fun weekend activity the whole family can enjoy, The Cookie Cups cooking classes are perfect for all ages and skill levels. We have holiday-themed classes (like our upcoming Easter Brunch and Easter Basket Baking classes), couples classes, Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me classes, and much more.

During the two-hour session, our expert Cooking Class Instructor will guide you through the process of creating a unique selection of menu items chosen specially for your class. Your ticket also includes a specialty drink from our café and a cookie cup pack to take home with you.

We have limited seating at each of our classes, which allows us to provide a truly special experience for everyone who attends. If you've never taken a Cookie Cups cooking class before, here's a little preview of what you can expect.

1. Arrival and seating

We like to have everyone seated by start time, so we recommend arriving 5 to 10 minutes early. During this time, you'll get to order your specialty drink that's included with your ticket and choose your seat in The Cookie Cups kitchen.

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2. Introduction

The Cooking Class Instructor introduces the menu for the day and provides an overview of the itinerary for the next two hours. You'll be making multiple items during your class, and your Instructor will guide you through the proper food safety and preparation steps for each dish.

3. Food preparation

After the Instructor's overview, it's time to get cooking! Depending on your class's menu, you might be doing things like mixing cookie dough, whisking eggs, chopping vegetables, rolling meatballs, kneading pizza dough, or stirring frosting.

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4. Cooking and baking

Our class itineraries are carefully planned with cooking and baking times in mind, so we can enjoy our first savory treat while we're whipping up something sweet for dessert. It's not uncommon to find us snacking on mac and cheese cups while our brownies are in the oven!

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5. Eating and Q&A with your Instructor

While you eat and relax, you'll be able to ask your Instructor any questions you may have about the class's menu items, including tips for preparing similar dishes at home.

6. Pack up leftovers to take home

Yes, you get to bring home all the extra treats made during the class – and there always are plenty! Don't forget to grab your complimentary cookie cups pack on your way out.

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We're always adding new classes to our calendar! View all upcoming cooking classes at The Cookie Cups to reserve your seat, or contact us with any questions about our in-store events.

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