Easy Back to School Baking Activities for Hybrid School Year

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With many schools opting for hybrid in-person and online learning for the fall, back-to-school season will look a little different this year. Kids will still be spending the majority of their time at home, and getting in the kitchen and learning some new cooking skills can be a fun break from their remote classes. 

Here are some easy back-to-school baking activities the whole family can enjoy this fall.

1. Make leaf cookies.

These leaf cookies are as simple as can be! Consisting of premade sugar cookie dough, flour and food coloring (red, yellow, orange and green), they’re the perfect treat to make with your children. Simply add the desired colors, flour a surface, roll out the dough and use leaf-shaped cookie cutters to carve the right shape. Then, place them on a baking sheet and in the oven for a festive treat!

2. Bake pumpkin pie.

Nothing beats this classic. Gather your children around for a family activity with this kid-friendly pumpkin pie recipe. Rather than purchasing pumpkin puree at the store, make it from scratch at home by cutting a pie pumpkin in half, picking out the pulp and seeds (a messy yet fun step for the kids!), and baking it cut-side down until tender. Once it’s cooled down, scoop out the cooked pumpkin and put in a blender with milk until combined. From there, simply mix the rest of the ingredients together and pour it into a prepared pie shell for baking!

3. Toast pumpkin seeds.

Got some leftover seeds after gutting your pumpkins? Toss them in some melted butter and salt and bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes for a savory treat! Your kids will enjoy munching on this simple yet tasty snack while carving their Jack-o'-lanterns for the holiday.

4. Host a fall-themed celebration with treats.

Autumn is known for its cozy festivities and delicious treats, and there are many ways to celebrate the season with your kids! While the pandemic has put a halt to large gatherings, host an intimate affair with family to get into the spirit. Here are a few ideas for parties and some snacks you can prepare for them: 

  • Bonfire night: There’s nothing quite like sitting by the fire on a crisp autumn night with loved ones. For a fitting treat, try these toasted marshmallow campfire cupcakes with your kids.
  • Halloween party: Who doesn’t love Halloween? We’re not sure what the holiday will look like this year, so why not host your own party so your kids can dress up and celebrate the occasion! A party is not complete without a cake, however, so choose one of these Halloween cake recipes to make with your children.
  • Kidsgiving: Get your kids excited for Thanksgiving by hosting a party specifically meant for them. Decorate your house for Thanksgiving, create a spread of sweets and treats, throw on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and enjoy the evening!

5. Try a fun baking kit from The Cookie Cups.

Want an easy, convenient, and fun baking project for you and your kids? Purchase a baking kit from The Cookie Cups and plan an evening in with your kids to prepare some delicious treats.

Our Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit includes an apron, measuring cups, a baking pan, a unicorn horn mold, all the ingredients needed to make the cups and more. One kit makes 24 mini cookie cups for you and your family to enjoy! We'll also be introducing a Pizza Making Kit soon.

Have questions about our baking kits? Get in touch or stop by one of our locations!

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