10 Unique Ways to Set Your Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we’re excited for the good food and even better company (while complying with COVID-19 restrictions, of course). If you’re hosting a small gathering with your loved ones this year, why not spice up your tablescape to make the occasion even more special?

Your holiday dinner is the star of the show, and you’ll want to treat it as such by displaying it with the proper aesthetics to really wow your guests — even if you’re only showing it off over a Zoom call!

Showcase your home decor talents with one of these 10 unique ways to set your Thanksgiving table this year.

1. Embrace the colors of the season.

Autumn is associated with many beautiful colors, like maroon, burnt orange, light yellow, vibrant red, and more. A display that follows this color scheme is sure to impress your family and set a festive mood for your holiday dinner. 

2. Take a minimalist approach.

Instead of looking for ways to go over the top with your decor, let the turkey take the stage by pursuing a minimalistic vision. Add a pop of color or holiday cheer with a pinecone, small bouquet of autumn flowers, or single pretty ribbon — but keep the rest of the table setting simple and classy.

3. Create a DIY floral display.

Fall flowers are a beautiful addition to any dinner table. Make your own floral display by collecting an arrangement of seasonal flowers to use as a centerpiece on your dinner table. Take it a step further by using a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vase.

4. Bring on the pumpkins.

Pumpkins are as festive as it gets in autumn. If you want a fun DIY project to do with your kids or even by yourself, gather a bunch of mini pumpkins (real or fake) and get to painting! From pastel blue to vibrant gold, the color options are endless. Simply choose a scheme you want to work with for your decor, then display your painted pumpkins for a Pinterest-worthy setup.

5. Incorporate fresh fruit.

After a turkey and carb-filled holiday dinner, we could all use a little fruit — if not for eating, at least for display! Whether it’s an aesthetically pleasing fruit bowl or a fresh fruit platter shaped like a turkey, your guests will feel better for at least looking at some healthy food options. 

6. Use patterned napkins.

Ditch the paper napkins. Purchase (or make!) some embroidered patterned napkins with holiday or autumnal designs to add to each place setting. Match the napkins with the rest of your decor for a clean yet festive look!

7. Invest in bold napkin rings.

Never underestimate the power of bold napkin rings. Look for some with seasonal designs or bold autumn colors to really jazz up your place settings. 

8. Light taper candles.

Taper candles are a classy choice of decor for intimate gatherings like holidays with the family. Whether you make them into a centerpiece by using a festive candle holder or simply line them along the middle of the table, you’ll add some light and charm to your Thanksgiving dinner.

9. Add greenery.

Greenery makes a great addition to any table, especially if you have a plain table runner that needs a touch of color. Simply string some loose greenery along your table runner or create a rustic centerpiece to display among your food.

10. Ring in the most wonderful time of the year.

Everyone knows the holiday season starts the day after Thanksgiving — why not start it a day earlier? Transition into the most wonderful time of the year by setting your table with festive decorations like holly, pinecones, and winter greenery. 

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