8 Things to Do for Mom to Make Her Day Special

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Mother's Day 2021 is just a few weeks away, which means there’s still time to plan some special activities to celebrate Mom. No matter how much money or time you’re able to spend, there are multiple ways to show the mothers in your life how special and appreciated they are. 

Here are eight things to do for Mom this year to brighten the day dedicated especially to her.

1. Make her breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's even more special when it’s prepared for you! Mom will love having her favorite breakfast either dropped off at her house or brought to her in bed after letting her sleep in. Don’t forget to spruce things up with a mimosa or her coffee just how she likes it! 

2. Take care of some household chores.

Sometimes the best way to say you love Mom is by taking things off her plate and doing them for her. She’ll love having a day where she doesn’t have to think about household chores and can relax knowing it’s all being taken care of! Ask her what she needs help with so you can take the reins and start working on what needs to be done at her place.

3. Go on a hike together.

Take in the great outdoors by going to a local hiking or walking trail with Mom! Hiking is a great socially distanced activity where you gain exercise as well as great conversation on the trails. Research trails near you that will best suit Mom and be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks!

4. Write her a letter.

If you can’t get to Mom in person, giving her a heartfelt, handwritten letter is something she’ll be able to cherish and re-read forever. Include memories, times where you supported one another, and what you love about her in the letter. Either mail it or drop it off at her door on Mother’s Day with a sweet treat or flowers.

5. Make her a handmade gift.

The most meaningful gifts are the ones that are a little imperfect and homemade. Mom will love the thought and effort you put into making something for her from scratch. She may even want to display your art on her wall or next to her bed to look at each day. 

6. Buy her spa supplies for a relaxing bath.

Your mom works hard and deserves some rest and relaxation on her day! Gather a few bath supplies such as Epsom salts or bath bombs to make a luxurious bath. Add a few finishing touches like candles and a hot beverage or a vintage wine for her to sip on while she’s in the tub. 

7. Plan a picnic with homemade treats.

A picnic is a fun, socially distanced way to see Mom for Mother’s Day 2021. Make a picnic basket with her favorite foods and lay out a blanket in your backyard or find a picnic table in your favorite park. As a bonus, you can create some homemade treats (like Unicorn Cookie Cups) beforehand and enjoy them together at your picnic!

8. Buy her some special treats.

Don’t forget to show Mom love by sending her favorite treats this year! Our Cookie Cups come in multiple flavors she’ll be sure to love. Check out our Cookie Cups Bouquet for a unique take on Mother’s Day “flowers,” or pick up a bag of our locally-roasted gourmet coffee for the mom who loves her coffee! 

Stop by our Chanhassen bakery to pick up some Mother’s Day treats and gifts, or place your catering order for a family gathering!

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