Indoor Activities to Do When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside

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Summer is an exciting time of year, full of special opportunities for fun. But sometimes, the heat makes outdoor activities unbearable. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of summer with your loved ones! Here are six indoor activities to enjoy when it’s too hot to go outside. 

Bring the beach to you

When it’s too hot for real-life sun and sand, make your own. Designate a space indoors, and let your kids’ creativity guide the “transformation.” Construction paper can be cut into animals, plants, and shells, and wrapping paper or cellophane can mark a “shore line.” If a paper sand castle won’t cut it, substitute sand for play foam. Complete the day with fun books about ocean life. 

Set up ‘shop’

Kids love sharing things they’re proud of. Encourage them to set up their own pretend shop with real-life handmade items.

Get together unused craft supplies or home goods in need of a second life, and see where your kids’ imaginations lead them. Once they’re ready to “sell,” ask them to create their own unique paper money. Use their bills to reward a job well done — and sneak in basic math practice!  

Make movie night special

Turn a movie night at home into a full theater experience with a makeshift box office (that can be made from an actual box) and blockbuster-worthy snacks.

This may be a good time to rent a movie the family’s been wanting to see, or share one of your childhood favorites. If the must-watch movie is a regular in the household, make it a bigger event with hand-crafted fan “merchandise” or a poster created on cardboard or large paper.

Put kids in the director’s seat

Give playtime an audience! Have your little ones tell a story and film it on a phone or tablet. Encourage costumes, props, and scenery. You might want to unpack the old Halloween costumes! 

If you’re tech savvy, you can show your kids basic video-editing techniques to enhance their production, like adding text or music. Share the finished product with family friends, and make sure to give your directors and lead actors special credit for their hard work.

Camp out in the living room 

Let the kids have a flavor of older childhood pastimes by teaching them to build a blanket fort. Give them old sheets, towels, and pillows, and let them create their own cozy campsite. They may even want to make it a “secret club” or stay in the space overnight for a sleepover. Make sure to give nighttime campers a flashlight — they’ll need it for bedtime reading or sharing not-so-spooky stories.

Bake or cook with your little ones

Days indoors are perfect for time in the kitchen. Get the kids involved in cooking or baking for the family, and get them excited about learning basic techniques! 

If you’re looking for something sure to pique young interests, try one of the Cookie Cups baking kits. There’s something for every interest — Unicorn Cookie Cups, pizza, breadmaking, and rainbow ravioli — with everything you need to make a special family meal or treat. Serve the finished goodies on a decorated table or as part of an indoor picnic for a memorable final touch!

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