8 Great Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

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Moms deserve to be recognized for the selfless love and support they offer each day. This Mother's Day, celebrate Mom the way she deserves for all she does for her loved ones. 

If you’re looking for a simple but thoughtful gift for Mom this year, here are eight Mother's Day gifts to consider.

1. A beautiful bouquet

A bouquet of flowers brightens up a room in two ways: their elegance and colors when displayed and your mother's beaming smile every time she looks at them. If Mom isn’t into flowers, try a Cookie Cup Bucket Bouquet or Glass Bouquet for a sweet treat that’s sure to please!

2. Beauty treatments

Make your mom feel as beautiful as she is by gifting her beauty treatments and cosmetics for a DIY at-home spa day. Splurge on self-care items such as soap, moisturizer, and bath salts to give her a relaxing and well-deserved moment to herself.

3. Recreated family photos 

If money is tight this Mother's Day, you can still give Mom a memorable gift by giving her a sense of nostalgia. Go through photo albums and find cherished family photos from when you and your siblings were growing up. Recreate and take these photos, wearing similar clothing and posing in similar positions. Your mom will love to see how much you've grown and the photos will start conversations about beloved family memories. 

4. Personalized jewelry 

Get your mother a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or necklace that reflects her style and sensibilities. You can detail it with her birthstone or initials, or simply get something you know she'd love. 

5. Candles 

A Mother's Day staple, bring fresh and new aromas into the house by getting your mother a luxurious serious set of candles. Your mother will think of you every time you like them, and they'll add a new and comforting scent to her home.

6. Locally roasted gourmet coffee

If Mom is a fan of her morning cup of joe, there’s no better gift than a bag of fresh gourmet coffee. At The Cookie Cups, we sell 12-ounce bags of delicious, locally roasted coffee (the same ones we use to brew our cafe beverages in-store!). Giving this gift is a great way to give your mom something practical while supporting the Minnesota small business community.

7. A handwritten note 

Take some time to reflect on all your mother does for you and your family and how much she's helped you throughout your life. Write down these thoughts and memories on a handwritten note and give it to her Mother's Day. Pair it with a drawing done by the kids or grandkids for something she’ll truly cherish for years to come.

8. Activity kits for family fun

More than anything, moms just want to spend time with their children. Give your mother more cherished memories by doing family fun activities sat there, such as baking. Get her one of our Cookie Cups baking kits so you can make treats together at home. Choose from our flagship Unicorn Cookie Cups Kit, our Pizza Making Kit, or our new Rainbow Ravioli Kit.

Need help finding the perfect gift for Mom? Get in touch with us for more recommendations that you can find right here on or in our bakery!

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