Last-Minute Ways to Make Your Family Feel Special for the Holidays

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From the sibling whose phone calls you’ve looked forward to each week to your grandparents whose faces you’ve missed seeing, we could all use a little extra cheer this holiday season. 

Whether you’re socially distanced or live with each other, here are some last-minute family holiday ideas to show your loved ones how special they are to you. 

1. Decorate for them.

If your family members have been quarantining and staying home for most of the year, they may have forgotten the beauty that comes with decorating their homes for the holidays. Twinkling lights, a beautiful tree filled with ornaments, an open fire filled with warmth – these are just a few ways to make your loved ones homes feel cozy, even if you’re just visiting. 

Bring them a homemade wreath, offer to buy their Christmas tree this year, or even assist them with hanging their lights to make their homes a bit more festive and exciting!

2. Run errands for them.

The holidays are incredibly stressful, even more so this year with the pandemic keeping many from their usual errands. Your loved ones may find themselves more stressed than usual and unable to do all their shopping or get themselves proper meals. Offer to take them with you on your errands to make the journey less difficult and fun together. You could also gather a list from them and deliver their goodies on their front porch or offer to put it all away. 

3. Send a virtual gift.

An e-gift card is a simple way to let your loved ones know you care. Gift cards can be given virtually through your loved one’s email and keep you from having to send through postal mail. A virtual gift can even be a simple e-card through either email or Facebook that they can look at and enjoy. Venmo or PayPal are other easy ways to send gifts: send a random $5 for a loved one to get themselves coffee or treat themselves to a delicious bakery treat!

4. Write a letter of appreciation.

While you may have your typical holiday greeting cards you send out each year, a letter of appreciation is a way to show your loved ones you're specifically thinking about them. You can include your appreciation of how pivotal and influential they’ve been to you throughout this year either virtually or in-person. Be sure to include all the things you can’t wait to do together once you see them again!

5. Plan a virtual holiday activity.

There are countless ways to spend time with loved ones virtually, especially on a Zoom or FaceTime call where you do an activity simultaneously.

You could plan to watch a favorite movie to watch together, bring the whole family together for an online game night, or try making Cookie Cups or personal pizzas together with our all-inclusive baking kits.

6. Send them holiday treats.

Cookies always bring the best out in everyone! Make your loved ones an assortment of their favorite treats for the holidays. If you’re not up for baking, pick up a delicious assortment of Cookie Cups and bring it over to their doorstep!

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