10 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Nicole Fallon

diy halloween costumes

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Real-life parent horror story: It’s the day before Halloween and your kid doesn’t have a costume.  

Maybe the end of the month snuck up on you and you haven’t had time to shop, or your trick-or-treater changed their mind about the costume you had planned out. Whatever your reason for needing a last-minute costume, it’s not too late to save the day.  

Check out these 10 budget-friendly, easy-to-make DIY Halloween costumes that you can throw together at home before trick-or-treating starts tomorrow night.

Wind-Up Doll Costume

Your kid can rock an adorable vintage look as a wind-up doll with minimal supplies and time involved. Dab on blush for painted cheeks and use a simple dress from the closet, and you’ll have a unique (and surprisingly simple) costume! Learn how to create the key here.

Lego Costume

All you’ll need to turn your kid into this classic toy is a cardboard box, plastic cups and a bright color paint. You can even use egg carton cut outs in place of cups! Start building here.

Movie Director Costume

Lights, camera, action! Dress your kid in all black for an instant film director’s costume. You can create a movie clapboard and megaphone using sturdy poster board. Add a beret for the finishing touch, and your child will be ready to call the shots. Get the script here.

Lemon and Lime Costume

This fun and easy “duo” costume is perfect for siblings or BFFs. Use felt on yellow and lime-green shirts to create wedges of these citrus fruits. The only question now is who will be the lemon and who will be the lime! Full instructions here

Superhero Costume

Why blend in with all the other Supermans and Batmans out there when you kid can dream up their own superhero costume? Have them imagine their own super powers and emblems to create a one-of-a-kind costume using craft supplies you can find around the house. Get your superpowers here.

Black Cat Costume

This classic costume doesn’t need to be bought from a store. In fact, you probably already have all the materials you need! Using a few pieces of felt and a plain black headband, you can quickly craft a pair of adorable cat ear. Add a black shirt, pants, and (optional) tutu to complete the feline look! Check here for instructions. 

Pizza Costume

Who wouldn’t want to be their favorite food on Halloween? This costume requires just a few felt pieces and fabric glue to replicate your child’s favorite toppings. If you’re walking your kid around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, get a button-up shirt, baseball cap, and a pizza box for an easy parent-child costume! How-to instructions can be found here.

Vampire Bat Costume

Morph your cat costume into a bat with an old black umbrella! Fly here for the full instructions. 

Bubble Costume

If your child loves balloons and bubble baths, they’ll love this simple DIY Halloween costume. All you need is an all-white outfit, a rubber duck, and safety pins to secure white and pink balloons together in clusters. Squeaky clean fun awaits here.

Ghost Costume

There’s a reason everyone goes back to this classic costume! From a simple sheet with cut out holes for eyes to an ensemble complete with chains and blood, a ghost costume is what you make of it! Create your own no-sew ghost costume using these instructions.

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