8 Kitchen Gadgets Every Home Baker Needs

Nicole Fallon

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As our loyal customers may know, The Cookie Cups began as a home baking experiment. Our creator, Nicole Pomije, couldn't find a baking sheet for her chocolate chip cookie dough, so she popped it into a mini cupcake pan and accidentally created Cookie Cups!

Although this fortunate "mistake" may not have happened if Nicole had access to the proper oven pan, we still believe that every home baker should have a well-stocked kitchen with the right gadgets and equipment to whip up any treat their heart desires.

Here are a few essential kitchen gadgets we recommend for anyone who loves to bake at home.

1. A set of nested mixing bowls

The first thing any baker needs is a set of nested mixing bowls. The variety of bowl sizes makes it easier to prepare complex recipe, plus your cabinets will stay neat and organized. There are a lot of materials to choose from, but we recommend glass. It may be heavier and more fragile than plastic or stainless steel, but tempered glass is always microwave and dishwasher safe. Best of all, you won't scratch or stain them!

2. A hand mixer

Heavy-duty stand mixers can certainly come in handy, but a lightweight, low-profile electric hand mixer can usually get the job done just as well, without taking up all that counter space. Because you have more control over where a hand mixer moves, you can get lighter, fluffier cookie doughs, cake batters, buttercreams, whipped creams, mousses, and meringues.

3. Basic measuring equipment

Baking truly is a science, and it's crucial to have precise measurements of all your recipe ingredients. Make sure you have a full set of measuring cups (1/4 cup to 1 cup), measuring spoons (1/8 tsp. to 1 tbsp.), and a liquid measuring cup. You'll probably need all three for most baking recipes you try.

4. A spring-loaded scoop

If you're a cookie fanatic (and we're guessing you are if you're visiting our site), a spring-loaded scoop will give you perfectly rounded, uniform cookies, every single time. Just release the handle and let it drop onto your pan. No more fighting with spoons!

5. Silicone spatulas

Nothing scrapes the sides of a bowl clean quite like a silicone spatula. Look for one with a relatively flat top and a curved edge for maximum scraping ability. Silicone is ideal for any stovetop work (like double boilers), as they won't heat up and burn your hand as you're stirring. These spatulas are also great for spreading frosting and folding ingredients into doughs and batters.

6. A tapered rolling pin

Empty bottles may work in a pinch, but it's best to have a real rolling pin on hand if you want smooth, uniform dough. A tapered or French-style rolling pin works well because it covers more surface area than a roller with handles.

7. Cooling racks

Where do you put your baked goods to cool when you take them out of the oven? The stovetop is out; even after you shut the oven off, the hot surface might continue cooking your dessert. You can place it on the countertop, but a cooling rack allows air to flow underneath the pan and bring your baked goods to room temperature much faster. Make sure you have more than one so you can cool all your batches at the same time.

8. A variety of baking pans

If you'd rather not have to get creative with your baking pans like we did, invest in a few different basic varieties. A nonstick baking sheet is, of course, essential for classic cookies. You'll also want a round cake pan, a square cake pan, rectangular sheet pan, a loaf pan, a pie dish, and a cupcake or muffin pan. If you're into cake decorating, you may want to invest in a few cake pans of the same size so you can bake multiple layers at once.

No mini cupcake pan at home? Come visit us to get your Cookie Cup fix!

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