How to Take Over the Kitchen: Kids Edition

The Cookie Cups

Calling all kids! National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is September 13th, and we know just the way to do this. Baking kits made simply for kids are practical and fun ways for them to easily have some cooking fun with their friends and family. The Cookie Cups offer a wide variety of baking kits ranging from sweet treats to savory goods, but we will be highlighting one in particular for the little chefs kitchen take over. 

The Pretzel Making Kit makes 12 delicious homemade pretzels! These delicious treats are the perfect way for kids to have the ultimate kitchen takeover. 

Start by Jumping Into the Kitchen 

A kitchen takeover starts with the right apron! Open up the Pretzel Making Kit and find a custom kid sized apron. Gather all the necessary supplies and pre-measured ingredients included inside the kit. Beyond the learned culinary skills, kids will learn patience, critical thinking, and mathematical skills. This activity is an exciting way for kids to get a sense of responsibility by becoming a chef using everyday skills! 


Begin Making Your Homemade Pretzels

Start with the first step on the instructions and follow from there! The detailed instructions with pre-measured ingredients and kid-friendly utensils make for a smooth cooking experience. Mix, roll, and braid the homemade dough. Pop them in the oven and prepare the toppings and dipping sauces as the smell of the baking pretzels fills the kitchen.


Finish up by Preparing the Dips and Spices

There are 3 kinds of pretzels included to top off the yummy braided treats. Salt with cheese sauce, garlic and herb with marinara and cinnamon sugar with frosting. A little spin-off to make this traditional food even more yummy. Choices that everyone will enjoy! As the kitchen takeover comes to an end, celebrate the success by sharing the delicious pretzels with friends and family.

Let your kids' kitchen takeover be a recipe for delicious memories and fun adventures. Each kit is made specifically for kids to enjoy and feel like real chefs. All baking kits include a kid size apron, pre-measured ingredients, and kid-friendly utensils. The easily followed instructions make for a fun and stress free time in the kitchen. This makes for the ultimate kids kitchen take over! 


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