How to Slice a Watermelon Step-by-Step

Nicole Fallon

watermelon slices

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Watermelon is a classic summer fruit that can be enjoyed fresh, frozen, grilled, or blended in tasty, refreshing drinks. Because of their shape and size, they can seem intimidating to cut at home. However, once you know how to approach it, cutting your own watermelon is a piece of cake! 

Buying pre-cut watermelon is certainly more convenient. However, it’s also more expensive and can be potentially wasteful with its packaging. Save the plastic (and your wallet) by following our tutorial to cut your own watermelon. 

How to cut a watermelon, step by step

To help you prepare your fresh watermelon, we’ve included the basic prep steps, as well as instructions for making sticks, cubes or slices.

1. Cut off both ends of the watermelon so it will lay flat on the cutting board.

watermelon with sliced ends

2. Stand the watermelon on one of its flat ends, then run your knife along the edges of the watermelon to remove the rind. Curve the knife as you go to avoid cutting out the actual fruit.

watermelon rind removed

3. Go over the edges and ends as needed until you’re left with a big ball of juicy red watermelon. Then, cut your watermelon in half – this will prepare you to make sticks, cubes or slices. 

 watermelon rind removed

For watermelon sticks/cubes: Take one half of the watermelon and cut a grid into it. You’ll be left with watermelon sticks, which you can eat as-is! Repeat the process on the other half if desired. 

 watermelon sticks

If you want cubes, simply take the sticks and cut to your preferred size. We found that quartering each stick led to perfectly bite-sized cubes.

 watermelon cubes

For slices: Take half of a watermelon, then cut it in half once more. Keeping both pieces together, slice across the long side of the watermelon. Each cut will yield two triangle-shaped slices of fruit. Repeat the process as desired.

watermelon slices step 1

watermelon slices step 2

What to do with your cut watermelon

The possibilities for cut watermelon are nearly endless! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Eat it raw as a healthy snack – or top it with whipped cream for a light touch of decadence. For peak flavor and refreshment, keep your watermelon refrigerated or chilled.
  • Freeze watermelon chunks, then blend them to make watermelon sorbet. A Sweet Pea Chef’s recipe requires only watermelon, lime juice, water and honey.
  • Put some in the blender to create a juice, then mix with tequila to make watermelon margaritas. Minimalist Baker offers an easy three-ingredient recipe (four ingredients if you include the salt rim!).
  • Fire up the grill to add some smoky flavor – grilled watermelon pairs well with savory ingredients. Eat it on its own with a bit of balsamic drizzle, or use it in a sweet and savory salad like this one from Food Network.
  • Place frozen watermelon (either cubed or pureed) in ice trays to freeze, then place in your favorite summer beverage. As the cubes melt, you’ll get an extra hit of watermelon flavor – no more watered-down drinks!
  • Fill a popsicle mold with layers of pureed watermelon, chocolate chips, coconut milk, and pureed kiwi for a watermelon popsicle that looks like a real slice of watermelon! Get the instructions on Cooking Classy.

watermelon slices 

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Tutorial images by Danielle Fallon

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