How to Plan Your Perfect Halloween Party

Nicole Fallon

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Halloween is a great excuse to throw a party. Whether it’s a fun, non-scary gathering for the kiddos or a spooky costume party for adults, there are so many exciting ways to celebrate this holiday.

If you’ve decided on having a Halloween get-together this year, now is the time to start gathering supplies and deciding on your menu. With your date, time, and guest list set, here are your next steps for planning the perfect Halloween party.

Step 1: Pick a theme

Many Halloween parties encourage guests to come in costume. If you’re hoping to have a colorful cast of characters at your gathering, make sure your guests know up front that they should prepare a costume.

You can get even more creative by choosing a theme for your guests’ costumes. Superheroes, Disney/cartoons, animals, TV/movies, or even decade-themed costume parties can be a really fun way for your friends to express themselves and talk to other guests about why they chose their specific costume.

Step 2: Choose your decorations

Halloween decorations can range from cute to downright gory, so you’ll want to carefully choose your decor depending on who’s attending. “Scary” creatures like zombies, vampires, and werewolves might be too much for young kids, but it could be perfect if you’re inviting a crowd of horror fans. 

When in doubt, stick to a black and orange color scheme and generic, non-spooky decorations like pumpkins and (friendly) ghosts.

Step 3: Plan some Halloween games or activities

If you’re throwing a party for kids, be warned that they might be a little...energetic after consuming all that sugar. To keep the little ones occupied, you’ll want to have a game or activity planned during the party. 

Carving (or painting) jack-o-lanterns, decorating Halloween cookies, toilet paper mummy wrapping, and other Halloween-themed activities can be a great way to get guests engaged and involved. You can even have a Halloween runway and a costume contest to have everyone show off their outfits. 

Even if your shindig is for adults, a little creative Halloween fun never hurt anyone!

Step 4: Decide on your menu

Halloween is all about the candy, but you’ll want to have some savory snacks to balance out all the sweet. Keep your celebration on-theme with fun Halloween appetizers like pizza bagels with ghost-shaped cheese slices, a wheel of brie cheese wrapped in “mummy” puff pastry strips, and quesadillas with a smiling jack-o-lantern face cut out of the tortilla.

Of course, if you don’t have time to spend all afternoon in the kitchen, you can always have your party catered. The Cookie Cups offers a full menu of bite-sized treats for any gathering, from appetizers and dinner cups to classic dessert flavors. 

To celebrate the season, we’ve added limited-time Halloween treats to our menu, including Butterfinger Cookie Cups, M&M Cookie Cups, Milky Way Chocolate Chunk, and Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookie Cups -- all of which you can sample at our Trick or Sweet event in Chanhassen on October 26!

Step 5: Have an amazing Halloween party!

If you’ve got food and friends, you’re sure to have a great time! Once you’ve hammered out the details, you can relax and enjoy your gathering with your guests.

Need a last-minute addition to your Halloween party menu? Get in touch and place your catering order with The Cookie Cups!

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