Why We Love Working With Local Minnesota Food Vendors

Nicole Fallon

The Cookie Cups savory cups

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The Cookie Cups is proud to be a local business. We love serving the people of Navarre and Chanhassen -- and just as important, we love supporting the Minnesota small business community.

That’s why we source as many of our ingredients as possible from other local vendors. Of course, we always use the freshest produce, but we also work with suppliers close to home whenever we can. 

Here are some of our favorite local Minnesota vendors that help make our sweet and savory cups so delicious.

Local Minnesota vendors we work with

The Cookie Cups loves working with other Minnesota food businesses. Their products, paired with the freshest possible ingredients, help make each of our menu items delicious and unique. Here are three of our favorite local vendors that we partner with:

Hepp's Salt

Hepp’s Salt offers a variety of natural, gourmet sea salts and sugars as well as gift sets. We use Hepp’s black truffle salt in our Mac & Cheese Cups for an extra depth of flavor. 

The salt tastes decadent and high-end, but without the hefty price tag that black truffles usually carry. Hepp’s Salt Bar can be found at farmer’s markets around Minnesota and California.

Hamel Maple Syrup

Hamel is a family-owned company that sells pure maple syrup, blended syrup and maple sugar. We use Hamel Maple Syrup to accompany our Pancake Cups for a touch of sweetness. 

It’s the No. 1 selling syrup in Minnesota, and for good reason: It’s the best syrup we have ever tasted, and it’s made right here in our own backyard. Hamel syrup products can be found on grocery and major retailer shelves across Minnesota and the upper Midwest area.

Red's Savoy Pizza Sauce

Red’s Savoy Pizza prides itself on serving their pies ‘Sota Style: square-cut, thin crust, loads of toppings and cheese, and a red sauce from a secret family recipe. 

Of course, for our Pizza Cups we use Red's Savoy Pizza Sauce. It has a kick to it and just the right blend of spices to make our Pizza Cups unique. Red’s Savory Pizza has locations all across Minnesota.

Why local is best

The “shop local” movement has taken off over the last decade, with more and more people are purchasing from local small businesses (thank you to all of our customers!). Patrons of local businesses typically appreciate the unique products and more personalized customer service experience. 

However, shopping local doesn’t just benefit consumers. More and more businesses, including The Cookie Cups, have taken to buying locally to support their fellow small business communities. Shopping local has a huge economic impact by encouraging job growth, increased income, and community reinvestment. Local businesses can also stand out from the crowd by working with other local vendors who offer unique products or services. 

Finally, small businesses are simply stronger together. By partnering locally, we’re able to accomplish more and give more to the community.

Our vendors and their products are essential to our delicious cups, and we couldn’t be happier to work with them. 

Stop by our Navarre or Chanhassen locations to enjoy some of our fresh-baked treats made with locally-sourced ingredients. Place an order for pick-up at either location!


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