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As a family-owned business, The Cookie Cups values quality time with loved ones as much as we value good food. That’s why we offer four different baking and cooking kits for children to (safely) embrace the art of cooking and baking with their parents or other loved ones. These kits are perfect for a  family night in, birthday parties, or even as gifts. 

Here’s how our baking kits teach kids to cook.

Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit

Our Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit brings together fairy tale creatures, sugary sprinkles, and magical pink frosting to create a treat children will love to bake. Each kit includes everything needed to make 24 delicious mini unicorn cookie cups. Children get to experience what it’s like being in charge as the baker, sporting their “Unicorn Baker” apron, and following the recipe with adult assistance. This kit is perfect for family fun nights or parties. 

Here’s what reviewers have to say:

“In the words of our 6-year-old niece, ‘This is a dream come true!’ She absolutely loved the unicorn cookie cups for her birthday!” - Seana (Etsy)

“We bought this kit for our niece and nephew, and it's just what we were looking for. Very sweet and clever, plus it contains everything we need to make delicious treats! I highly recommend! - Nancy, (Amazon)

Pizza Making Kit

Children ages three and up will love becoming chefs with our Pizza Making Kit. This kit provides the opportunity to use a rolling pin and pizza cutter to create a perfect 12” pizza from scratch, along with spices, sauce, and cheese. Children get to learn how the dough is made, practice spreading out sauce and cheese, and sprinkle seasonings to make their pizza a gourmet delight.

Here’s what reviewers have to say:

“Gave this to my grandchildren for Christmas and they loved it! Loved preparing, baking it, and most of all said it even tasted good!! I would highly recommend!” - Susan (Amazon)

Homemade Bread Making Kit

Any child who enjoys bread will love our Homemade Bread Making Kit, which allows them to make two loaves: Classic White and Cheddar & Chive. The recipe printed on the inside of the kit box lays out the necessary ingredients, which are also included in the box, then walks you step by step through the bread-making process. Children can wear the included apron and baker’s hat while creating their homemade bread. Each loaf can be enjoyed with butter or a spread and can be shared with friends or family.

Rainbow Ravioli Making Kit

Think: an Italian classic, but bright, colorful, and kid-friendly. The Rainbow Ravioli Making Kit comes with ingredients to make three-dozen raviolis — enough to share with the whole family!. 

Our kit includes kid-friendly cooking tools and all the necessary ingredients to make both savory and sweet raviolis. The savory raviolis are made with spinach, tomato, and ricotta cheese, and the sweet raviolis are made with dried fruit mix and ricotta. Kids can sprinkle colored powder on top, incorporate cinnamon or garlic, and even cover their raviolis in a warm sauce. 

Want to bring the Cookie Cup experience to your kitchen? Order one of our cooking or baking kits here. Have questions? Contact us or visit our bakery today.


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