3 Back to School Gifts to Help Your Child Stay on Track With STEM Cooking Activities

The Cookie Cups

As the end of summer approaches, the anticipation for a new school year arises! Along with a shiny new backpack and colorful new school supplies, a fun, educational gift for you and your kids to enjoy together makes the transition from summer to fall that much better! Go beyond the typical school supplies and explore a gift that combines the joy of learning with the magic of culinary creativity. Introducing 3 back to school gifts that will have your kids eagerly embarking into a new school year! The Rainbow Ravioli Making Kit, Pretzel Making Kit, and Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit are sure to foster the imagination of young chefs and inspire joy and creativity. These sweet and savory baking kits will make going back to school a truly delectable experience.

1. Rainbow Ravioli Making Kit

This Rainbow Ravioli Making Kit is a colorful adventure with a delicious ending, and it's all tucked into a bright and festive box! Open up your kit and tie on your very own apron made for kids. This full at-home cooking experience makes 3 dozen ravioli pieces with 2 different recipes. A savory recipe of tomato, spinach and ricotta and a sweet option of dried fruit mix and ricotta. You will enjoy making your own dough that is made colorful with edible colored powders then braided together. With a one of a kind, kid-friendly ravioli cutter the dough is cut and stuffed with yummy ingredients! 

This kit fosters creativity and encourages the unique imagination every kid holds. Pasta making is made colorful in this one-of-a-kind kit that teaches culinary skills that make eating fun! What better way to celebrate and jump into a new school year than by dipping some colorful ravioli into delicious marinara?!

2. Pretzel Making Kit

This kit has its own unique spin on a favorite treat. The Pretzel Making Kit combines the traditional pretzel knot with a creative twist making these classic snacks a full on cooking experience. Mix and roll out 12 pretzels from your dough made from scratch. Paint melted butter over the baked golden brown pretzels before adding the seasonings to the top. 3 different kinds will be made that include their own dipping sauce!

  • Salt with cheese dipping sauce
  • Cinnamon Sugar with vanilla frosting
  • Garlic and herb with marinara sauce

Each step is a fun hands-on learning experience creating memories that will last a lifetime. Dip your pretzel into the sauce and take a bite of the fluffy warm dough! This kit creates a perfect combination of sweet and savory pretzels that the whole family will enjoy! 

3. Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit

The Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit is a great introduction into the world of baking for young chefs! It creates an enchanting experience that allows imagination to flourish and be eaten in a cookie cup form! This kit makes 24 mini cookie cups made from your very own homemade cookie dough. Mix the marshmallows and chocolate chunks into the dough before baking. As the sweet smell of the baking cookies lingers from the oven, your mouth will water and be eager to try these magical cookies! 

Let the creativity flow and young-chefs' imaginations run free while decorating the baked cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles. Top it off with a white chocolate unicorn horn you make from scratch! These delightful unicorn-inspired cookies are a truly pinkalicious, magical experience! 

Each kit comes with pre-measured ingredients and kid friendly cooking utensils needed to create each recipe. They ensure a convenience that allows for a smooth and fun cooking experience perfect for parents and their kids to enjoy. An apron is also included to enhance the ultimate chef experience. 

Beginning a new school year should be exciting and fun, these kits ensure just that! When looking for the perfect back to school gift to ignite the spark of imagination, each of these kits holds their own unique educational experience that will make for an exciting end of summer adventure! Kids will be eager to jump into a new school year that holds many new memories inspired by each of these unique baking kits. As you prepare for back to school shopping, don’t forget a gift that will encourage creativity and learning made fun for every kid! 

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