Birthday Party Class

$ 25.00
Birthday Party Class
Did you know you can have your birthday party at The Cookie Cups?!
Pizza Making (kids make the dough and pizzas, munch on cookie cups and drinks of choice and make dessert pizza)! Kids learn how to make their own pizza dough, cut veggies and topping options. We also make a salad of the season with the kids. 
Taco Theme (Homemade Salsa, Queso and Tacos). Who doesn’t love tacos? We make homemade salsa with the kids, learn to make homemade queso complete with pita chips for dipping and create your own tacos. Don’t worry, we provide lots of cookie cups to munch on throughout the party! 
Baking and Decorating: For the kids who love to bake! We will make flat sugar cookies and have a decorating class! Pick your frosting colors and cookie cutter designs. Can customize for a theme party! 

Bread Making: Each child will make their own loaf of bread from scratch! They will make their own dough from yeast, mix in their seasonings and bake!
Ravioli Making: Kids will make their own Ravioli from scratch with 2 unique filling recipes! They will learn how to make the dough from flour, roll and cut their ravioli and fill and cook them. There will be a savory and a sweet ravioli to make a try! Fillings can be customized for the group. 
Pretzel Making: Kids will make about 6 medium sized soft pretzels from scratch! They will make their dough, cook them and add their toppings. Served with dipping sauces. 
Caramel Rolls: Kids will make their own caramel rolls from scratch. They will learn how to make caramel from scratch as well. They will make their dough and fillings, roll and bake! 
Chocolate Making: Theme can be custom for the class. Kids will make homemade chocolates in their favorite shapes- ex. Dinosaur, Hearts, Flowers and more! Sample recipes include S’mores, Cookies and Cream, Dark Chocolate Raspberry. 
$25 per person, 15 max capacity. Up to 4 adults welcome to stay for duration. 
Birthday parties are approximately 2 hours give or take depending on amount of kids, ages and recipes. 
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Here is a blog about our birthday parties: 

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